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Open Letter to Somerset Members' & Supporters'

Dear Somerset Members' & Supporters'

You may have heard the news that I am to leave Somerset.

It is a decision that has not been taken lightly and I just wanted to write this note to show my appreciation for the warmth and support I have received from the Club and you, the Supporters’ during my time here.

Charity Work

Nick supports Frankwater Charity


Since 2012, Nick has been a keen supporter of Frankwater - a Bristol based Charity bringing fresh drinking water to deprived areas in India. Find out more on what they do and Nick's involvement by clicking on the link below.

Compo's Clips

Presented, filmed and edited by Nick Compton, going behind the scenes at Somerset County Cricket Club.



This website is as much about advertising pictures I’ve managed to collate over the years as it is a personal insight into the extraordinary experiences I’ve gathered as a professional cricketer - come traveller. Playing the highest ever game of cricket at 20,000 feet probably caps it!

Photography is a hobby of mine and I have collated several albums combining my personal favourites from my Cricketing Career at Middlesex and Somerset as well as photos from my travels around the World.

So if you can spare the time then feel free to have a browse using the links to your left. It’s still in its infancy but hopefully over time I will spice it up. Enjoy!


Compton in Compton

To view more of my videos including my Showreels, please click on the link below.