Compton grew up in South Africa with a father who loved nature conservation and open spaces. It gave the photographer a feel for simplicity, culture and natural beauty. Over the years he has shot in all manner of extreme situations and pushes himself to get the best shot.  From shooting grizzly bears in Alaska to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda to capture the utter magnificence of the gorillas, Compton scrambles into the unknown to capture that novel, bewildering sense of pure wilderness.

“Standing face to face with a dominant male silver back mountain gorilla in Uganda was one of the most raw and real experiences I have ever had.  When I see the photograph I remember that stare and how our eyes locked. There was no doubt that in the jungle I was in his domain and under the throws of his kingdom. I felt powerless but at the same time a huge sense of respect and humility too, while I followed him and his family for the day.  The Ugandan Wildlife Authority do a great job in protecting and looking after the mountain gorillas and I hope we can do the same by this protected species.” – Nick Compton


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