People and places in the heart of Africa make travel such a rich cultural experience. In this trip to Kenya, I went to see my good friends from Koy Clothing, who have inspired a partnership with the EACDT – a cricket charity that support the growth of children and teach them character values and how to live a better life.

I spent the most amazing day with these kids in a slum school in the heart of Nairobi. We played cricket with them for the morning, teaching them the values of working together but most importantly enjoyment and having fun. The ability and opportunity I had to practice each day, to be able to discipline myself to working on a skill, made me very lucky as an international cricketer.

I’ve never seen so many smiles and so many curious happy people. From the happy faces of Nairobi to the beauty of wildlife at Sosian Lodge to the coastline town of Lamu, Kenya is nothing short of beautiful.


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