What a privilege to be able to hold my first photographic exhibition at London’s Maddox Gallery! One of London’s leading contemporary art galleries.

Maddox Gallery is delighted to present Beyond the Boundary, the first solo exhibition by former England cricketer and photographer Nick Compton.

During a twenty-year professional career in cricket playing at the top of his field, South-African born Nick Compton was drawn to exploring and documenting the rich culture and daily life he experienced during time off in between games. Now on display for the first time, Beyond the Boundary will feature previously unseen images taken by Compton during his travels from Canada, to Malta, New Zealand, America, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Bangladesh whilst playing cricket for his country.

A grizzly bear swims through Alaskan waters; a game of cricket is played on the street on a hot Mumbai morning; a young Nepalese girl shares a secret smile – these are all intimate and evocative moments captured through Compton’s lens; offering us an abundance of fascinating, personal tales from around the globe.

Shot in a crisp, black-and-white style, Compton’s photographs document the rawness of modern life; from intriguing characters and wild animals to vast, breathtaking landscapes. The result is an impressive body of work that transports the viewer to a wealth of stunning locations, whilst also paying homage to the intricacies of daily life.

Presented over two floors at Maddox Gallery’s flagship space on Mayfair’s Maddox Street, the exhibition will showcase these unseen works by Compton taken during a ten-year period and inspired by the desire to capture the richness and honesty of life.

We are delighted to be hosting Nick’s first ever solo show of photographic works. Maddox Gallery has always prided itself on our ability to recognise and support emerging artistic talent and we feel incredibly privileged to be supporting Nick’s transition from a sportsman to a photographic artist. For us, the field of photography is an exciting medium to explore and invest in. Nick is certainly one to watch.

Jay Rutland, Creative Director, Maddox Gallery, Mayfair, London


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