Somerset's Hangover Cure?

"There's one thing having a hangover after a few drinks but a completely different one when the banging pain the next morning coincides with our fifth successive final loss in three years. I must say we're all sick of being labelled the so called 'bridesmaids' of county cricket but I can only agree that 'chokers' would be a more appropriate tag. As players its something you take on the chin, you decide that you'll learn from the experience, come back stronger for it - all that psycho babble reads well but in essence we're sitting here head in hands and we have no one to blame other than ourselves. Another poor display on Saturday has left us depleted, dejected and down. We all wonder whether the reality of Marcus Trescothick holding aloft some silverware will ever happen. We want to be the benchmark of success but it’s hard to be if we keep falling at the final hurdle. As I board Air India flight 112 to Delhi I can only feel a deep frustration and anger as the continual round-about voice of self sabotage kills any chance I have of a good night's rest. So why on earth did I play that shot, what on earth were you thinking'. I can only imagine the other ten boys are feeling just as bad. I try to come to terms with it all but reason seems to have escaped me on this occasion.

Moving on: Compton is headed for 'cricket crazy' India "Moving on, and yes we all have to move on, the headache is just beginning to ease (or at least I thought it was) as I arrived to find that I'm sat next to our ginger ninja Steve Kirby (my headache returns) and the idea of ten hours shut eye has diminished almost as quickly as that sight of a trophy! But as always Kirbs has made me laugh - he holds aloft the complimentary eye shades you get on a flight and says: "Hey compo maybe you should give these a go next time you have a bat - can't do you any harm!" Yeah thanks Kirbs, he has me laughing and I know now we're on a flight to the cricket crazy world of India to play in the Champions League! Time to sleep, will clock in when I arrive on the other side."

Published 19 September 2011