Breathtaking India

"If anyone was wondering what playing cricket was like in India, I can tell you now it’s nothing short of breathtaking. Some would say it's a bit like playing premiership football in the UK, you only have to walk out of the hotel and fans are coming up with their Nokia's and iPhones clambering for a quick pic. For some of us this adoration won't last long, so we’re lapping it up for as long as we can. As Pete Trego was saying on the bus last night after our spectacular victory against KKR, 'its just so great to be appreciated and made to feel like what you do is so great' - as if the Western Super-Mare local doesn't have enough fans back home? Well he should do now even if it is only in his local! There was a moment when Gambhir, the Indian opening batsman, walked to the crease, where the noise was so deafening I couldn’t hear myself breathe let alone think. It was incredible and I can remember smiling to myself and just thinking 'wow'.

100% start: We've won three games out of three and it's a very proud moment for all of us- I can’t stop beaming because I don’t think anyone would truly have believed we would have done so well. We have a great unity in the side at the moment and Alfonso Thomas is becoming a really good leader. He's the spearhead of our attack and he has a really astute cricket brain. There is no better feeling than pulling together and the mix of youth and experience is working really well. Not many teams have it to be honest, but right now, there are no egos in the side and it is making things run really smoothly. I've said it before but it's funny how people react when they're given responsibility and that’s what happening in this team. We all feel like its our team and not just one player out of eleven, we all collectively feel its our team and that just makes you give that extra 5%.

Pleasing: Personally it was a great feeling hitting the winning runs, and to finish off what had been a great start to our innings was so pleasing. I couldn't imagine us losing after coming so far so to get that last boundary was a special moment for me and I’ll be looking to take that confidence into future matches. Moving forward - we fly to Bangalore tomorrow where we have another four days off before our second round match against South Australia. Between now and then we'll dust ourselves off and try soak up some culture. Thanks for all the support back home, keep watching -still along way to go but we’re loving it out here and we really want to win some more games. I’m off to the pool for a swim and stretch; will update you in Bangalore!"

Published 26 September 2011